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Coddle Convertible Couch Review

Coddle Couch Review

The Coddle convertible couch is a great option for people that live in small spaces or are on the go. That’s because it’s super easy to set up and takedown. It also is very durable and can fit around tight corners. Most importantly, it can be converted into a bed within seconds. The versatility, form factor and added features such as USB ports on each side make this a stylish and functional couch and bed that is sure to please guests. I received a free white leather couch for review from Coddle. I chose white because that would most likely show any flaws and I wanted to be sure the quality was there.

Overview of the Coddle Couch

Here’s a video overview of the Coddle Couch. As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to set up and adjust. It basically comes already setup except for snapping the legs in at the bottom. This is a solid piece of furniture.


Your Coddle Couch will arrive in a normal brown box but inside there’s a fancy box that includes instructions on how to set up the couch. You can also see that the couch is packaged with care and I didn’t notice any dents or scratches.

Coddle Couch Box

The only thing you need to do is take off the packaging, add the legs and flip it over.

Coddle Couch Legs

There’s a power cord in the back that powers the USB ports, just plug that in and you’re ready to go!

Coddle Couch Power

Construction of the Coddle Couch

This couch is constructed similar to a quality foam mattress. The difference is that this couch has either a leather or microfiber cover but beneath that, you get layers of foam that create comfort.

coddle construction


Sofa: 78.7″L(81.5″ leg to leg) x 40.9″W x 38.2″H
Bed: 78.7″L (81.5″ leg to leg) x 48.8″W x 20.86″H

Seating load weight capacity: 800lbs

92.5″L x 1 power outlet and x 2pcs USB outlet x both sides of backrest

How Much Does the Coddle Couch Cost?

The Coddle retails for $999 but that’s before any discounts which they usually provide on their site.

My Coddle Findings

What most important with any couch or bed is how it feels. Obviously this is best used as a couch and it feels like a quality leather sofa. As you can see, the arms can be adjusted up or down, when both arms are up, the sofa functions more as a love seat. I’m 6’3 so I make the sofa look a little small.

Coddle Couch Sitting

Here it is with the arms down.

Couch Flat

Here I am laying on the couch. The backs of the couch also go down to make a complete bed.

laying on Coddle Couch

Here it is completely flat. I recommend using a mattress topper if you are going to have guests lying on it. Coddle makes one you can purchase with the couch.

Coddle Couch Flat

I think it was smart that Coddle added USB and power ports to each side of the couch. While it’s great that I can power my phone, I often work on my couch and I need power for my laptop.

Coddle USB

To be honest, I didn’t expect much in terms of quality for the price. At $999 it’s hard to get all the details right but Coddle delivered. Here’s a closer view o the stitching on the leather. I didn’t find any loose threads or missed stitches which makes me like the couch even more. It just looks fantastic and will instantly upgrade the look of any room.

coddle couch stitching

My Coddle Couch Recommendation

The Coddle is the best couch and bed combo I have tried so far. I am extremely impressed with the quality and design. For $999 it is an incredible value. Best of all you get 60 nights to try it out in the comfort of your own home to see if it’s right for you. That’s still very rare for furniture to offer a free trial period like this. Although you can get white glove delivery for $149, I recommend going with the free delivery since this is so ridiculously easy to setup. If you are looking for a versatile couch that can be easily converted into a bed within minutes, this is the obvious choice. Its also just a great couch for entertaining or binging on Netflix since the arms can be adjusted as needed to accommodate you or multiple people.

Learn more about the Coddle Couch


6 thoughts on “Coddle Convertible Couch Review”

  1. The quality is great but the product is quite heavy. If you need to get it up a flight of stairs you will need one or two helpers.

  2. We loved it at first. Two years old and the leather is cracking in several places and none of the outlets work. I have contacted them several times and nobody has responded. DO NOT BUY, unless you enjoy replacing your furniture every two years. Terrible.

  3. Not good. Way too heavy. The angles available to the backrest are either too straight up or too laid back. Mistake purchase and it will take a team of weightlifters to get rid of it.


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