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Campaign Sofa – Is It The Right Fit For You?

campaign sofa assembly

After “bed in a box” popularity, the newest concept to hit the furniture market is the “sofa in a box” concept. The manufacturers have taken a cue from the rising shopping trends and have started delivering sofas neatly packed in a box delivered right at your doorstep. After all, nobody wants the stress and hassle attached to the physical in-store shopping anymore, especially for a more variety than you could count thing like sofas.

After all, deciding on a low trafficked product purchase like a sofa cannot be done under the dour supervision of a well-intentioned but commission-hungry salesperson whose only interest is in palming off at least something on you from the store. The sofa buying cannot be decided in a matter of minutes or even hours sometimes. It is a decision that will take time and needs a patient approach. You might have to browse through quite a few sofas to be able to zero in on one final choice. This article will focus on the sofa from the steadily rising Campaign Living Furniture brand. Read on to find out how well this sofa fares for you personally.

The Two-Second Review

Campaign Living is a start-up line of furniture brand that started in 2013. It has since then neatly perfected the art of delivering big pieces of furniture in a box. You will not be disappointed with their sofa range. It is available online for browsing and choosing the right fabric and leg color. The brand gives you a hassle-free trial period of 30 days. If you change your mind for any reason after the purchase, you can easily have the sofa returned for a full refund.

It assembles quickly in less than 15 minutes and does not require any extra tools. The look is modern with sleek lines and design. The quality is better than the IKEA brand, and the durability of the product does not fail to impress. The Campaign Living sofa fits nicely between the cheap IKEA store sofas and the high range of showroom ones.

Good and the Bad


Easy and hassle-free assembly

Pricier than its competitors

High in the comfort factor

Difficult to manage the delivery boxes
Good customer support

A large variety of fabric and color options

In-Depth Examination

Campaign Sofa Review


The Campaign sofa bears clean cut straight lines. The design is aesthetically appealing in its simplicity. This also ensures a high “blendability” factor. The sofa will not look out of place against any backdrop or décor. It allows you room for accentuating the look of the sofa or downplaying it with throws and colorful cushions.

The sofa frame is made completely out of steel, unlike the other sofa frames, which are predominantly plywood. The steel frame gives it unmatched strength and durability, making it fit to last a lifetime. The brand even offers refurbishment and replacement of any parts that require a tune-up over time, making this sofa one piece of furniture that will stay with you forever if you want it to.

Comfort Level

This is a sofa to curl up and relax your sore muscles in. It is deep enough to accommodate a tall person without any problems and wide enough to support lounging. You can lie down, sit, lounge, curl up, and pretty much bend yourself in any shape you want while encased in plushy cushions.

The seat cushions tend to retain shape making it comfortable, and back cushions perfectly balance comfort and support. No aches and pains from this sofa. All the fabrics are soft and cool to touch, giving you a plush feel of the sofa in general. It is also not scratchy and feels wonderful against the skin.

Price Point

Campaign sofas are of great value for money. The price point is higher than its competitors, especially when compared to “Burrows,” but the extra price comes with far better quality standards, construction panels, and a higher comfort zone. Add on to the fast and quick delivery service of 2 to 4 days, and you have a winner on your hands.

This is a great looking sofa that is guaranteed to hold up as the years add on and at a very reasonable price.

Back End Service

The customer support at Campaign Living is amazing. You will find them well versed in their products, and there is no question that you can throw at them without being completely satisfied with their response. Your endless stream of questions ranging from the frame material to fabric colors will all be met with enthusiasm that makes shopping from this brand a dream. No more sour answers and no more dour faces when you ask for time to make up your mind!

Shopping and Customization

The campaign only has one type of sofa available at the moment. They do plan to diversify and offer a more varied choice in the future, but currently, you can only buy this one type. There are plenty of color choices available that more than make up for the lack of sofa variety. You get to choose between 15 color and fabric options. The two price brackets are depending on the color you choose, so be careful about which price category you finally end up in.

On the upside, you don’t have to rely on the website image of the color and fabric. The brand offers free swatch sample delivery of the colors you want to see in real-time before making the final decision.

Shipping and Delivery

The brand promises a fast delivery of 7 to 10 working days depending on your location, and unless there is a hurricane, your sofa will reach your doorstep within this allotted time. It comes to you in just two to three boxes, which makes the whole moving the boxes inside and unpacking it all the easier. However, there is a catch involved. The boxes are shipped separately and may arrive on different days.

The shipping is free of cost, and so is the return shipping. The brand bears the expense, unlike some other brands where you have to pay additional shipping costs and even bear the return shipping costs.


campaign sofa assembly

The sofa is easily assembled in less than 15 minutes. If you have never assembled one before, then give yourself about 30 to 45 minutes tops. You just have to fit the pieces together, screw on the legs, and adjust the cushions.

The difficult part is getting the boxes inside and unpacking them. The frames are made of steel, which adds to the durability but also adds to the weight. This makes lifting and moving the boxes a bit of a challenge. It is a good idea to enlist some muscle help beforehand to get the boxes in place, especially if you need to get the boxes up a flight of stairs.


This sofa from Campaign Living is a very sturdily built and solidly constructed product. While it works extremely well in the city apartment, it can also be used in waiting areas and business lounges. Consider going for this sofa if you have boisterous children who love jumping on the sofa or a house with pets. It can easily withstand the additional duress.

Bottom Line

In this age of direct to consumer theme, you will be hard-pressed to find a better brand than Campaign Living. Their sofa sets the bar very high in all aspects. The quality is stunning at the price point with no compromises on durability and comfort. It is a solid, designed, and manufactured in the USA product that will go a long way with you. It is meant for keeps and will not disappoint you with its looks and structure.

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