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Bruno Mattress Review

Bruno Mattress Review 2

I received a free Bruno mattress for review. This mattress is unique in that it is made of polyurethane foam that does not have added chemicals such as emulsifiers that slow foam movement. It also has a 7 zone construction that addresses key pressure points such as hips and shoulders.


You can purchase the Bruno Mattress direct from their website and it should arrive in about 3 business days. It comes carefully rolled and compressed into a box so that you can transport it to any room in your house. I received a double which weighs about 34 kg or about 75 lbs.


Here’s a video of me unboxing the mattress. As you can see it springs to life quickly and is ready to sleep on soon after unboxing.

I thought it was a nice touch that Bruno includes a box of German chocolates that you can enjoy as a reward for setting up your new mattress.

bruno chocolates


Below are the specifications of the Bruno mattress from the website.

7-Zone Ergonomic Support Base
High-density polyurethane foam cut with laser precision
Height: 20cm; Density: 48 kg/m³
Latex Top Layer
Air-permeable natural rubber latex
Height: 3 cm; Specific Gravity: 70 kg/m³
Quilted & Removable Cover
Fabric: Polyester fleece blend
Mattress Total Height: 24 cm
Made in Germany

I found the Bruno to be on the firmer end of the spectrum. I think this is in part because it incorporates natural latex and a dense polyurethane foam. Below is a picture that illustrated sinkage.


What I really like about this mattress is how well made it is. As you can see below that you can unzip the mattress from the top. Most of the mattresses I have reviewed put the zipper on the bottom which can make it a little more difficult to remove.


The Bruno mattress is made in Germany and earned the Deutsches Manufakturen-Siegel (German Manufacturing Certification) which means at least 50 percent of production was done by hand in Germany.

Below is a picture of the inside of the Bruno mattress. You can see the different zones and the top layer of GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) latex.

bruno inside

To give you a sense of how these layers react, here’s a video of me squishing the mattress:



The Bruno handles motion transfer well and still has quite a bit of bounce due to the top layer of latex and the supportive base.


Because the top layer of latex is air permeable and the zones have valleys, there is lots of room for air transfer. Below is a video illustrated heat retention using an infrared camera. Notice how quickly the heat dissipates from the mattress.



The Bruno Mattress is a great choice for sleepers that need a supportive mattress that addresses pressure points along the hips and shoulders. I really like that this mattress incorporates natural materials such as the GOLS latex. There was very little off gassing with this mattress and it is ready to sleep on quickly after opening. I think this mattress will appeal to sleepers that like a firmer feel with a little bit of bounce to it. Overall its a wonderful mattress that works for all sleep types. Please note that the Bruno Mattress is currently only available for sale in the UK.

Update 9-19-16

Bruno has recently made an updrage to their mattress. The change is that they have added two slits into the top latex layer, at the shoulder area (in a symmetrical design). The reason for this is they received feedback from customers that they were finding the mattress too firm in this area, so Bruno incorporated these cuts to alleviate pressure points in the shoulder more effectively during sleep.

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  1. Do not buy from them! They don’t even believe their own products hence don’t dare to send three mattresses of three separate orders on the same day because they are afraid customers will return. And ended up cancel all my orders. Worst ever! Do not. Yy from them. Terrible and unprofessional!!


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