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Brentwood Home Mirador Mattress

Brentwood Home Mirador Mattress Bed Review

The Mirador mattress is the flaship model among the latex mattress offerings from Brentwood Home. Brentwood Home has a strong reputation for creating quality mattresses at a very competitive price. Brentwood Home is not your typical Internet mattress company. They have been around for over 30 years, are headquartered out of Los Angeles and have their own 200,000 square foot factory where they make all their own mattresses.

Overview of the Mirador Mattress

You can order the Mirador mattress direct from the Brentwood Home website. I advise this over ordering from Amazon because you get the 120 night trial period and a better price. After you place your order, you can expect to receive the mattress in about 5 business days. My queen size Mirador came roll packed in a box.

Below is a video of me on the Mirador mattress explaining some of the features.

Construction of the Brentwood Home Mirador Mattress

Here’s how the mattress is made:

Base Layer:

6 inches of support foam

Transition Layers:

2 inches of Airlux foam
2 inches of natural latex
2.5 inch micro coil system
2 inches of natural latex

Top Layer:

Silk & Cashmere blend
New Zealand wool as a natural fire barrier
4 way stretch fabric

This mattress is also hand tufted to give it a great look and hold all these materials in place.

Brentwood Home Mirador Mattress

Mirador Mattress Findings

Latex mattresses are often on the pricier side. That’s because quality natural latex is an expensive material. Typically you can choose between an all latex mattress which is 3 layers of latex stack on top of each other or a hybrid version which has a base layer of springs and latex on top of that.

The Mirador has a base layer of foam which makes the mattress a little more stable and not as heavy as an all latex mattress. This also saves on costs. It’s important to note that the foam in this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.

The top part of the mattress is made with natural materials and I didn’t really notice any off gassing with the foam. Usually I notice the foam smell from the top comfort layers of a mattress. This is where the dense, conforming memory foam is used. Instead of this, the Mirador has latex on the top layers.

Despite having a foam base, this mattress is still bouncy. Below is a video illustrating bounce and motion transfer on the Mirador mattress.

Here’s a picture to show how much the mattress will sink. Since the top layer is latex, you won’t feel any delay with sinking into the mattress or recovery when you get out or switch positions.

miranda mattress sinkage

Does this mattress sleep hot? This mattress it very temperature neutral. By that I mean it has a lot going for it to help regulate temperature. First off the tufting provides channels for air to escape while you sleep. The wool fire barrier is also breathable and wool naturally regulates temperature. As a bonus you also get the silk and cashmere layer underneath which also helps keep you comfortable. Finally, the latex is made in molds with holes throughout for even more breathability along with a micro coils system underneath to keep the two layers of latex separated. Everything below this doesn’t really matter.

Here’s a quick video taken with my infrare camer to show heat retention on the Mirador.



In keeping with their reputation, Brentwood Home has delivered on quality and comfort for a very competitive price. I recommend the Mirador for people looking for a plush latex mattress. Most latex mattresses are not tufted and do not have the layering that the Mirador does. A queen size currently retails for $1,649. I haven’t come across a mattress with this construction anywhere close to this price point. If you’re looking for a resilient, plush, latex mattress that will give you years of good use, definitely consider the Mirador.

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