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Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet

brave era travel sheet

brave era travel sheet 1

Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet

When you travel, whether for work or for fun, you always look forward to hitting the bed and resting after the long journey. Even most business class journeys can be exhausting. When you reach your destination, all you want to do is rest a little in a nice, comfy bed, even if it’s a hotel room.

So, the shock and horror are understandable when you find unclean sheets welcoming you to your temporary abode. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that the sheets haven’t been washed after the last guests left. And what’s more? When you muster all the courage to lie on those sheets to rest your poor aching back, little critters start to poke and prod you in the most menacing fashion.

Who knew hotel beds could have bugs, right? But the truth is, even some fancy hotels are often negligent about the state of the beds and sheets, as was found by Inside Edition. In fact, three out of nine hotels have been found to not change sheets between guests. Yes, it’s true, and totally gross.

There are travelers who prefer to pack a set of their own sheets with them whenever they must put up at a hotel. But normal bed sheets are quite heavy and take up precious space inside the luggage. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling or be able to afford the Hilton Hotel for every trip. There’s a much easier solution that can solve all your sleep woes when you travel.

Santa Monica-based startup Brave Era offers you the perfect solution whenever you are concerned about the sheets you get to sleep on. This woman-owned company was founded by Nichole Alden, who first experienced unclean sheets in hotel rooms while chasing her dream of becoming a singer. When she realized that the perfect travel sheet that she desired didn’t exist, she decided to make it herself. And that’s how the Brave Era Silk Travel sheet was born.

This travel sheet is much like a sleeping bag, but far more luxurious, soft, and comfortable. Every time you slip into this silk sheet, you get cloaked in luxury and feel rich. This is the first and the most popular product by Brave Era so far, which goes on to show just how many people prefer their own sheets whenever they travel. If you thought silk sheets were a luxury you cannot afford, this versatile travel sheet will change your mind with the features.

Construction of Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet

You might be wondering- why silk? Aside from the fact that silk is super soft, smooth, and luxurious, it is also a completely natural fiber. This travel sheet is made of 100 percent natural mulberry silk, which means whenever you slip into it, you get the most delightful feeling. Silk is also hypoallergenic. You could be allergic to polyester or satin, but silk makes sure you are able to sleep without sneezing or breaking out.

The sheet is 6’6″ in total length, accommodating even tall people. The premium design and attention to detail ensure unmatched comfort and lasting durability. Because silk is ultra-lightweight and soft, the travel sheet easily fits into the little pouch, about the size and weight of an iPhone. This means it barely takes up any space in your luggage.

The sheets come in a compact bag like the one below.

Brave Era Travel Sheet Set

On the back of the bag you will find the care instructions.

brave era instructions

Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet Features

The Brave Era Silk travel sheet boasts of several features. Aside from being hypoallergenic, the sheet is also critter-resistant, protecting against bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. Brave Era also recommends treating the sheet with the Sawyer Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent prior to use for better protection against insects like bed bugs and mosquitoes.

The sheet comes with a full-sized pillow pocket. In total, the travel sheet weighs less than 6 ounces and easily fits in any suitcase or backpack. It is also machine washable, and air dries quickly within an hour. There’s plenty of room inside to move around, while the luxurious silk gives you the feeling of sleeping on the finest bed in the world.

Brave era bagSilk is natural and stronger than many other manmade fibers. So, you can safely toss it in the wash with other clothes as many times as you must, without compromising on durability. You have two color options to choose from- natural white and sharkskin grey.

Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet Pricing

Brave Era has priced this premium silk travel sheet at $109.99 along with free shipping within the country.

Here are some positive things customers have to say:

“The fabric is so soft and cool to sleep in. It also keeps me at ease knowing no matter where I am in the world I am sleeping in something clean.”

“This travel sheet is perfect for hosteling when you’re not sure about the quality of the bed sheets. It is extremely lightweight and barely took up any space in my pack.”

Whether you’re a frequent flier or avid camper, do give Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet a try, because it will quickly become your favorite.

My Brave Era Experience

I was able to try the travel sheet on my recent trip to Ecuador with my family. For the most part, the hotels we stayed in were just fine but there was one in a more remote part of the country where I didn’t want to necessarily sleep in the sheets. I broke out the travel sheet and it was long enough to accommodate me and I am 6ft 4. It is basically like being in a sleeping bag but without trapping heat. Knowing that you are in your own safe little cocoon was reassuring and help me sleep better without worrying about being bit by something.

I used the travels sheet at this hotel for 2 nights and on the 2nd morning, as we were packing our things to leave, my wife saw a big spider crawl out between our sheets. So, yes, glad I had this and used it!

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