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Is Big Fig Worth It? A Look at the Negative Reviews

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Are Negative Reviews About Big Fig Mattress Legit?

When researching the Big Fig mattress negative reviews, you’ll find both fans and critics with strong opinions. Let’s cut to the chase if you’re short on time. Here are the top negative points often mentioned:

  • Firmness: Some users find the mattress too firm.
  • Sagging: A few complaints about sagging over time.
  • Weight: The mattress is heavy and tough to move.
  • Off-Gassing: Noticeable smell after unboxing.

With that out of the way, let’s dive deeper.

The Big Fig mattress is marketed as the ultimate sleep solution for larger individuals. However, not everyone agrees. While the mattress features durable pocket springs, high-density foam, and excellent edge support, some users have reservations. Often, the main gripes center around the mattress’s firmness, durability, and weight.

I’m Ben Trapskin, a sleep expert who has navigated mattresses extensively. Having spent years assessing mattress complaints, I aim to help you understand both the good and the bad of the Big Fig mattress negative reviews.

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Common Complaints About Big Fig Mattress

Sagging Issues

One of the most common complaints about the Big Fig mattress is sagging. Many users, especially those who are heavier, report that the mattress begins to sag after a year or two of use. This is despite Big Fig’s claim that their mattress is designed to support up to 1,000 pounds.

Durability Concerns: Some users have noted that the coils and transition foams in the Big Fig mattress may not be as durable as advertised. For instance, one reviewer mentioned that their previous mattress started sagging significantly after just 1.5 years.

“It’s the coil layer they went cheap or something because it’s not durable,” one user shared on Reddit.

Firmness Concerns

The Big Fig mattress is rated as an 8/10 on the firmness scale, which makes it firmer than average. While this firmness level might be ideal for back and stomach sleepers, it poses a problem for others.

Side Sleepers: Many side sleepers, particularly those who are lighter, find the mattress too firm. They often experience discomfort around the shoulders and hips due to insufficient cushioning.

Comfort Layers: The mattress uses high-density latex and polyfoam in its comfort layers, which some users find too rigid. One reviewer noted that the mattress was “firm but somehow comfy,” but this isn’t a universal sentiment.

Weight and Handling

The Big Fig mattress is notably heavy, which can make moving it a challenge. This weight is due to the solid materials used in its construction, such as dense foams and numerous coils.

Moving Difficulty: Some users find it cumbersome to move the mattress, especially during house moves or room rearrangements. Given its weight, it often requires more than two people to handle it safely.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is a significant concern for couples sharing a bed. While the Big Fig mattress boasts good edge support and a heavy-duty foundation, it doesn’t excel in isolating motion.

Partner Movement: Some users report being disturbed by their partner’s movements during the night. This could be particularly problematic for light sleepers who are easily awakened.

Edge Sleeping: Although the edge support is robust, the mattress’s responsiveness means that movements near the edge can still be felt across the bed. This can disrupt sleep for those who prefer to sleep close to the edge.

Durability: Despite the sagging issues, some users find that the mattress maintains its firmness and support for a considerable period. However, the initial comfort often diminishes over time, leading to mixed reviews.

In summary, while the Big Fig mattress has its strengths, consider these common complaints before making a purchase. Next, let’s delve into customer experiences to get a clearer picture of what long-term use looks like.

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Customer Experiences

Positive Feedback

Many plus-size sleepers have shared their positive experiences with the Big Fig mattress. Corissa, a reviewer from Fatgirlflow, mentioned that after two years of use, the mattress still offered excellent support without any sagging. She appreciated the firmness and noted that it was crucial for her and her partner, who both weigh nearly 400 pounds each. Another reviewer on Reddit highlighted the great support and excellent customer service, emphasizing that the mattress felt solidly built and didn’t show any signs of softening or sagging after two months of use.

Comfort and Cooling: Several customers have praised the Big Fig for its cooling features. The ThermoGel foam helps maintain a cool sleeping surface, which is a big plus for those who tend to sleep hot. One user noted that the mattress remained cool throughout the night, making it comfortable even in warmer climates.

Foundation: The solid wood foundation is another highlight. Corissa mentioned that the foundation, with its 18 slats, is heavy-duty and durable. This feature ensures that the mattress doesn’t sag or break, even with regular use.

Negative Feedback

Despite the positive aspects, there are also some negative reviews about the Big Fig mattress. One common complaint is the initial comfort. Some customers found the mattress to be too firm, especially for lighter sleepers. For instance, a Reddit user who weighs 320 pounds mentioned that the mattress felt too hard for side sleeping, causing pressure point pain in the shoulders and hips.

Long-term Sagging: While some users like Corissa experienced no sagging, others reported significant sagging issues after a few years of use. A customer who had the mattress for over four years mentioned that the foam’s integrity started to fail, leading to uncomfortable sagging on both sides of the bed. The user expressed disappointment, especially given the mattress’s high price and claims of durability.

Firmness Issues: The firmness of the Big Fig mattress is another point of contention. While it is designed to be firm to support heavier individuals, some users found it too firm, making it uncomfortable for side sleepers or those who prefer a softer feel. One reviewer noted that the mattress felt like sleeping on a carpeted floor, which was not ideal for their side-sleeping position.

In summary, while the Big Fig mattress receives high marks for its support, cooling features, and durable foundation, it also has its share of complaints. Issues like initial comfort, long-term sagging, and firmness are commonly reported. Next, let’s compare the Big Fig with other mattresses to see how it stacks up.

Comparison with Other Mattresses

When choosing a mattress, it’s helpful to compare the Big Fig with other options. Here, we’ll look at key aspects like durability, support, firmness, comfort, motion transfer, and edge support.

Durability and Support

Big Fig is known for its high durability and support, especially for heavier individuals. It uses dense foams and has 50% more coils than typical hybrid mattresses.

Firmness and Comfort

Big Fig is rated as an 8/10 on the firmness scale, making it firmer than average. This is ideal for back and stomach sleepers but not for side sleepers or those who prefer a softer feel.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Big Fig performs well in isolating motion, making it a good choice for couples. Its edge support is also strong, thanks to a foam encasement.

In summary, while the Big Fig mattress excels in durability and support, it may not be the best choice for side sleepers or those who prefer a softer feel. Comparatively, it offers a good balance of firmness, comfort, and motion isolation, making it a strong contender in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big Fig Mattress

Do Big Fig mattresses sag?

One common concern in big fig mattress negative reviews is sagging. While no mattress is completely immune to wear, the Big Fig mattress is designed to minimize this issue. It features 50% more coils than standard hybrid mattresses, providing robust support. Additionally, the mattress includes high-density foams in its comfort and transition layers, which help maintain its shape over time.

However, some users have reported sagging after extended use. For example, one reviewer mentioned that their Big Fig mattress started showing signs of sagging after 1.5 years, attributing it to the coil layer’s durability. This highlights the importance of regular mattress rotation to extend its lifespan.

How long does a Big Fig Mattress last?

Big Fig mattresses are built with high-quality materials intended to last. The company offers a 20-year warranty, indicating their confidence in the product’s durability. With proper care, you can expect the mattress to last at least 10 years, according to the manufacturer.

The mattress’s longevity is bolstered by its durable coil system and dense foam layers, which provide consistent support and resist wear. However, individual experiences may vary. Some customers have reported needing to add a topper after a few years to maintain comfort.

Can you flip a Big Fig Mattress?

No, you cannot flip a Big Fig mattress. It is a one-sided mattress, designed with coil layers on the bottom and foam layers on top. Flipping it would disrupt the mattress’s intended support and comfort structure.

Instead, to ensure even wear, it’s recommended to rotate the mattress every few months. This helps distribute weight more evenly and can extend the mattress’s lifespan.

For more details on the construction and materials used in Big Fig mattresses, you can visit their official page.

Next, let’s address some of the common complaints and customer experiences with the Big Fig mattress.


After diving deep into the Big Fig mattress negative reviews, it’s clear that opinions are mixed. While some users rave about its durability and support, others have raised significant concerns.

Final Thoughts

The Big Fig mattress was designed with larger sleepers in mind, offering robust support and firmness. It excels in areas like motion isolation and edge support, making it a solid choice for couples. However, recurring complaints about sagging and firmness issues cannot be ignored. These concerns suggest that while the mattress may start strong, its performance could deteriorate over time.

Overall Value

Given its price range of $1499 – $2699 and the features it offers, the Big Fig mattress presents a reasonable value for those specifically looking for a bed that can handle heavier weights. The 20-year limited warranty and 120-night trial period are also strong selling points. However, potential buyers should be wary of the reported long-term sagging issues and consider if the initial investment aligns with their expectations for durability.

Expert Reviews

Experts generally agree that the Big Fig mattress is a well-constructed product designed to meet the needs of larger sleepers. Its combination of durable pocket springs and high-density foam is praised for providing excellent lumbar support. However, the mixed customer reviews highlight the importance of personal experience.


If you’re in the market for a mattress that caters to heavier individuals, the Big Fig is worth considering. But, we recommend taking full advantage of the 120-night trial period to ensure it meets your comfort and support needs over time.

For those who prioritize long-term durability and minimal sagging, it might be wise to explore other options like the Bear, Saatva, or Puffy. These alternatives also offer strong support and have received positive feedback for their longevity.

In conclusion, while the Big Fig mattress has its strengths, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs and preferences. To get a more comprehensive view, you can check out our detailed Big Fig Mattress Review.

Happy mattress hunting!

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