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The Better Pillow Might Be Your Next Pillow

The Better Pillow

Despite what some companies may want you to believe, there is no perfect pillow or best pillow. I have learned that people are very particular about their pillows. However, there are better pillows. If you bought your pillow at Target or Walmart along with groceries and laundry detergent, you are missing out on a world of really neat pillows that can really improve your sleep and comfort. Although a quality mattress is essential to good sleep, a pillow is equally important.

Enter The Better Pillow. The Better Pillow is a pillow is a washable pillow that is made with Z shaped pieces of memory foam that lock together. It is breathable, light, washable and very supportive. While I have reviewed other shredded foam pillows, most of them use remainder foam from memory foam mattresses along with another type of filling such as polyester or tencel. This pillow is made of foam cut in specific shapes.


Below is an overview of the features of The Better Pillow. The cover is made with a 200 thread count percale weave cotton fabric making it breathable and crisp. This pillow comes with a 60 money back guarantee minus return shipping.


This pillow is a meium loft, not too thin and not too thick so it should accomodate most sleepers. It comes in one size, a standard, which is 20 x 26 inches. I prefer a standard size pillow over a queen or king size pillow as they are just easier to move around at night and are less heavy.

My first night sleeping on the pillow took some getting used to. The Z shaped foam inside doesn’t lose support and the pillow is breathable, much more breathable than a solid foam pillow.

Here’s a picture of the pillow outside of the packaging.

The Better Pillow 1

Below is a photo of my new Yawnder bowling ball on the pillow. This is a 14 lb. ball, the same weight as the other ball I use. Your head weighs about 11 lbs. so the ball sinks in more than your head would.

the better pillow

While I haven’t washed this pillow yet, it’s nice to know that’s an option. When you find a pillow that works, it’s hard to part ways. Sort of like the security blanket your kids has held onto for too long. While you can wash the pillow, just make sure you air dry it per the instructions. Probably best to wash it in the morning so that it is dry by bedtime.


People looking for a quality memory foam pillow that sleeps cool and provides good support should definitely give this pillow a try. The Z shapes inside are small enough where you can move them around a little to give you more or less loft but they also stay in place throughout the night. One drawback with tradtional foam pilows and even some of the shredded foam pillows is that they are slow to recover and they sometimes can sink too much. The Better Pillow solves this problem via the unique shape of the foam which provide a little spring.

If you are still in search of the perfect pillow, you may want to try The Better Pillow


2 thoughts on “The Better Pillow Might Be Your Next Pillow”

  1. How does The Better Pillow compare to My Pillow? I am a side sleeper and sleep on a memory foam mattress. Thanks.

    How does The Better Pillow compare to My Pillow? I am a side and back sleeper. Thanks.

    • The Better Pillow uses memory foam and is shaped into little Z shapes. The My Pillow uses a different type of foam that doesn’t contour as much. Both are washable but you can put the My Pillow in the Dryer. You need to air dry The Better Pillow. I found both to be very light and breathable. Both conform well so it really comes down to feel. The Better Pillow seems to conform a little better due to the memory foam.


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