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Best Time to Buy A Mattress

Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2016 5

When is the best time to buy a mattress? I have found that the best time to buy a mattress is when your body tells you it’s time. Don’t worry about missing sales or extra discounts in the stores. Most sale prices you can get year round if you just ask. Those sale prices are really just their actual prices.

Better yet, check out some of the online mattresses. The have excellent prices throughout the year and awesome free trial periods.  That’s something you don’t often get at a traditional mattress store. Typically brick and mortar stores will advertise sales around minor holidays such as President’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day and Black Friday. These sales often start a few weeks before and well after the actual holiday and given that these sales occur about every couple months, what you get is a perennial sale.

Instead of waiting for the best time to buy a mattress, you should instead focus on what type of mattress best suits your needs. Do you prefer a traditional spring mattress, foam or even latex? Once you have an idea of what material is most comfortable for you, you can then begin the hunt for your best mattress.

Aside from feel, the next biggest consideration is price. Having slept on and opening hundreds of mattresses, I have found that the materials inside don’t differ all that much. If you fall in love with a mattress that costs, $5,000, look around for less expensive alternatives or Contact Me and I’ll steer you to a much less expensive alternative.

Mattresses that Address Common Sleep Disturbances

When looking for a new mattress, you should have a conversation with your sleep partner to discuss the things that keep you up at night. For instance, motion transfer is a very common complaint among couples. If this is the case, a memory foam bed is your best bed. I would even advise against the hybrid mattresses and try out a dense foam mattress such as the Novosbed.

Sleeping hot is now a growing concern because of the increasing amounts of memory foam used in mattresses. I have compiled a list of my top mattresses for people that sleep hot. You can find it Here.  There some new textiles that help regulate temperature such as phase change fabrics, copper, graphite and gel infused foams and more. You shouldn’t have to choose between a comfortable memory foam mattress and a cool sleep surface.

Despite all the new types of mattresses now available, inner spring mattresses are still the most popular. They breathe well and have great bounce. With new advances in roll packing technology, you can now choose between dozens of online inner spring mattresses. They utilize pocket springs that operate independently and can be roll packed in a box and delivered right to your door step by the UPS driver. One of my favorite online inner spring mattresses is the Oceano Mattress from Brentwood Home. Below is a cross section of the mattress to show you how much quality you get for the price.

There’s no signs of the online mattress boom slowing down anytime soon. What this means to me is that competition will continue which means more competition for your business. You can expect better value and better customer service.

As always, contact me at [email protected] for any of your mattress or bedding questions.




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