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Bedface Sheets Review

Bedface Sheets Review 8

UPDATE: Bedface is no more. Please check out our other Sheet Reviews Here

I received a free set of Bedface sheets for review. Bedface is a new bedding company that makes buying sheets fun. Here’s the story behind the company in the words of one of the founders.

Bedface has been founded by experienced ecom entrepreneurs: Brad Westrop and Fraser Hall.  Bedface was born out of a need to overhaul the entire end-to-end customer experience journey of buying premium bedding.  We want the process to be easy, convenient, and fun. 

In doing so, we have created to our own proprietary facetech cotton, that we have developed to take the guess-work out of which type of bedding to choose. We have designed it for quality, breathability, comfort, and durability and back it with a 100 night guarantee.  Not only is it great year round, it also gets softer with each wash.

We also see a lack of choice in the colors offered in bedding today.  In solving for this, we offer a curated collection of 24 colours, all of which can be mix-and-matched by customers to make their dream beds.  We have leveraged technology to develop a Bed Maker on our website, that enables customers to unleash their inner designers to create the bed of their dreams and then visualize their creation before they buy it. There is even an opportunity to share it for free shipping. 

By working directly with our maker and cutting out the middlemen, we are able to pass the savings along to our customers.  And by having some of the best shipping/logistics infrastructures in place from our other companies, we are able to ship product at a flat rate of $9 to customer’s doors within 3-6 business days. Customers can also expect their bedface orders to be packed with special gifts designed to surprise and delight upon delivery.

So in summarizing, we are solving for challenges identified across the entire customer experience journey that include: inconvenience of shopping experience, confusion over fabric qualities/thread count, lack of color choice, inability to mix-and-match, and high price tag.


Half the fun of these sheets is choosing what color combination you want. School colors? Favorite sports team? Hint, my favorite NFL team is purple & gold. They offer up to 24 colors to choose from and you can mix and match as you please. As an example, here’s their “retro” package:

retro sheets

They ship just about anywhere in the world too. You also get a 100 day guarantee where if you don’t like the sheets you can return them for a full refund. Most sheet companies I review only offer 30 day so this is a nice departure from the norm. You should note that you will need to pay return postage on the sheets which is not refundable.

Return bedface sheets


Here’s what you can expect when you get your Bedface sheets.


I thought the bag of popcorn and the door hanger was fun. This company seems to be geared toward a younger crowd which is typically the online mattress crowd.

Bedface popcorn

Unboxing the Bedface Sheets


Beface sheets incorporate Facetec technology. As I understand it, this is a fabric with a looser weave and thicker fabric that enhances breathability and gives it a more substantial feel. This would be in contrast to say a Brooklinen sheet that has a bit tighter weave and feels smoother like a dress shirt. One isn’t better than the other, it really comes down to preference. I find that if a sheet is too tightly woven, it will feel a little too crinkly for my taste.

Here’s a picture of the sheets themselves:

Bedface Sheets

After the first washing they felt a bit softer and I really enjoyed how they felt on my mattress. I give these sheets high marks for breathability and durability. I also like the fact that you can mix and match your colors. Since all the colors work together, it would be fun to get these for all the mattresses in your house. At the very least you could mix and match pillow for variety.

Another cool feature is their Bed Maker program where you can choose each piece to make the entire bed. You can choose a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow cases (2 or 4) and a duvet cover. Here’s  a preview of my Minnesota Vikings sheet set

bedface bed maker


I recommend these sheets to people that spend a lot of time in bed aside from just sleeping. I think adding the bag of popcorn was a suggestion that these sheets are meant to be used.  They will hold up to years and years of washes and should continue to feel great during all of that time. They make a great gift to give to sports fans or college students where you can get them sheets in their team or school colors.

Bedface is no more, check out our other sheet reviews here



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  1. I just got Bedface duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases in three different shades of pink ( powder pink, electric pink and siesta pink). Love the rich colours and the availability of so many colour choices. They softened up a lot after a couple of washes and they feel great to sleep on.


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