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Authenticity 50 Sheets : Made in the USA!

Authenticity 50 Sheets : Made in the USA! 1

I received a free set of Authenticity Sheets for review. Authenticity sheets are the first sheets I have reviewed that are 100% made in the USA. Decades The United States textile industry has been on a steady decline since the 90s but is now showing signs of life due to companies like this. Below is a graph from the USDA that illustrates the decline in textile employment.

textile production

Not only are these sheets made in the USA they also source the cotton in the USA as well.

The cotton is grown in California in the San Joaquin Valley.

The sheets are cut and sewn in the Carolinas and the tags are woven in California.
The elastic on the fitted sheet made in Georgia
As for the shipping, the boxes are printed and made in Illinois and are shipped out of Georgia. It’s truly 100% American-made from start to finish.
If we all spent an extra $64 a year on goods made here in America we would create 200,000 new jobs!
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the textile and apparel industry has had it hard, losing 1.2 million of the 1.6 million textile and apparel jobs from 1990 to 2012 as companies moved overseas.

Ordering Your Authenticity 50 Sheets

When you order your sheets, they are shipped out within 2-3 days and your sheets will usually arrive in about a week. Below is a video of me opening a box of Authenticity 50 sheets.


Specifications and Construction of Authenticity 50 Sheets

These sheets are certified Supima Cotton.  The name Supima comes from “superior pima” it is an extra long staple cotton that comes from the Gossypium barbadense plant seen below:

pima cotton

This cotton is very comparable to long staple Egyptian cotton. Both are very breathable, have good consistency, breath well and are durable.

These sheets are a percale weave with a 250 thread count. This thread count makes the sheets more breathable. Because the fibers are long, they are more durable. You also get a more consistent feel throughout the sheet.

These sheets are also formaldehyde free. formaldehyde is used to create “wrinkle free” clothes.

My Authenticity 50 Findings

Below is a picture of the sheets right out of the box


Below is a photo of the fitted sheet:

authenticity fitted sheet

After one wash the sheets were still sort of rough. That’s because they don’t stone wash these sheets. It’s an added cost. So instead the saving are passed on to you. This is similar to the organic sheets I have reviewed. They are going to take about 3 washes before you can really appreciate the softness. It’s not like they were unbearable after the first wash, I just knew they had more potential.

I should also note that because formadehyde is not used, the sheets will come out of the dryer a bit more wrinkled than those that are treated. To me this isn’t an issue since my sheets aren’t out on display for people to see and the wrinkles begin to relax after you make you bed.

My Authenticity 50 Recommendation

 There are other Made in the USA sheet companies out there but I haven’t come across one like Authenticity50. Not only are their sheets made in the USA but so is the cotton. They don’t have any showroom costs and don’t mail out annoying catalogs to your home either. They sought out to make quality American made sheets from, “seed to stich” and they have done a fine job! I expect to see more colors and patterns come online as this company continues to grow.
You can purchase a set of Authenticity 50 sheets Here.
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