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Active X Pillow Review

Active X Pillow from Nest Bedding

I recently had a chance to review the Active X Pillow that was sent to me for free. This pillow is similar to the Nest Easy Breather pillow in that you can customize the amount of fill inside. What sets it apart from some of the other pillows on the market is the phase change cover which has a cooling effect.

Unboxing and Overview of the Active X Pillow

The Active X Pillow  is similar in design to the Easy Breather pillow in that they both have the same adjustable fill inside.  The biggest difference is the cover. The Active X cover is much cooler to the touch. It is also not as stretchy.

Here’s a video that shows me taking out some of the filling that is inside the pillow.

This pillow is available to purchase exclusively through the Nest Bedding website. After you place your order it should arrive compressed. Once out of the packaging it is easy to fluff up. If you want to you can tumble dry it for about 20 minutes in no heat with a dryer sheet to get rid of the initial memory foam smell.

As of this writing, the pillow only comes in a standard size and retails for $129.

My Active X Pillow Findings

There’s no doubt that this is a next-generation pillow. Aside from being able to adjust the loft to your exact preference. The cooling features built-in will add that extra comfort to get you to sleep in no time.

Here’s a video shot with my infrared camera to illustrate how quickly heat dissipates from the pillow. What I can’t show you is that as soon as you touch it, it feels cool. That’s the real magic of this pillow.

I have had this pillow for three months now before writing this review. I think the reason I have been so slow to write a review is that I didn’t want to be without it. I took out about a third of the filling before I found my right height. I prefer a thinner pillow and the Active X comes thick enough to support side sleepers. I advise you to keep the fill in a gallon size Ziploc bag in case you ever want to add it back.

Here’s a picture of what the filling looks like inside the pillow.

Active X Pillow Filling

The Active X pillow is certainly not the cheapest online but I think it is one of the most effective. I highly recommend this for hot sleepers that are looking for some serious relief. Despite the great cooling effects, this pillow is just plain comfortable. More than a few times my daughter has taken this pillow for herself.

There are lots of new pillows coming online with phase change material to keep you cool. However I have found that these usually are made with solid foam or foam with holes for more breathability. I think that will fit some sleepers just fine, only the Active X seems to do an excellent job of cooling and feeling more like a luxury down pillow. Since down was designed to trap heat, they are terrible pillows for hot sleepers. However a down pillow is what most people are used to and so getting the feel of down with cooling is a double win and require little to no adjustment period.

Shop the Active X Pillow.

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