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Nest Bedding Active X Mattress Review

Active X Mattress Review 4

The Nest Bedding  Active X Mattress  is a cool looking and cool sleeping mattress designed with recovery in mind. It has very dense layers of foam that give you great pressure relief and support. As is the case with Nest Bedding, you get a lot for your money.

You can choose from 3 colors. Minty Green, Icy Blue or Spicy Red.

phase change cover


The Active X mattress has a very athletic look to it. Below is a video of me giving an overview of the highlights of the mattress. You can see that the edge has a breathable mesh side panel similar to what you would find in running shoes.

You can order the Active X directly from the Nest Bedding website. It is a very popular mattress and certain sizes have sold out recently but as of this writing it should be back in stock. It should arrive to your door in a box in about 5 business days after placing your order. There is also an Active X pillow available that pairs well with this mattress and is also designed to keep you cool.


Here’s the breakdown of each layer of the mattress:

Phase change fabric cover that draws heat away from your body.

2″ Active X Luma Cooling Foam also designed to dissipate heat

2″ Energex Gel Response Foam which is also made for cooling

2″ convoluted air flow layer for more breathability

5″ super high density support base layer

All this adds up to an 11 in mattress.

active x construction


Even without all the cooling technology and great design, this mattress is worth the money just on feel alone. Here’s a look at the inside layers of the mattress:

inside active x mattress

To give you an idea of how each layer responds, I poked and squished them in the video below. What you’ll see is that the first two layers respond slower which means the foam will conform very well to your body. As a stomach sleeper I had no issues with hammocking or back soreness. I was supported all night but also didn’t have soreness. I was also able to sleep a few nights mostly on my side which I rarely am able to do.

This mattress was designed to keep you cool. This is no easy task, especially for an all foam mattress. Because this has some dense foam, it is extra challenging however because the phase change cover and the first 3 layers all offer a unique approach to cooling, the aggregate effect is a foam mattress that sleeps cooler than most. Below is a video shot with my infrared camera illustrating how quickly heat dissipates from the top of the mattress after placing my hand on it.

In addition to superior cooling, this mattress is excellent with motion transfer. That’s because of the dense top layers of foam. You won’t sink that much into the mattress though. It isn’t going to have a very soft feel to it but it is great with pressure relief. I think the intention here was that if you are an athlete or work out frequently, you will appreciate a mattress that conforms well and will let you sleep without having to change positions at night.

Here’s a video of me dropping my bowling ball on the Active X.


I found the Active X to have that traditional memory foam mattress feel without all the negatives of heat retention. Since it is an all foam mattress it will still sleep warmer than a spring mattress but if you appreciate the feel of a a great foam bed, you will really enjoy the Active X.

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