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Bedding Accessories

The is so much innovation occurring right now and the sleep industry is no exception. Having a good bed and bedding is essential for creating a quality sleep space but it doesn’t always end there. Your actions during the day play a huge role in how you will sleep that evening. There are many gadgets that are connected directly to the internet to track your sleep patterns with little to no effort on your part. Having good data on your sleep opens you up to seeing trends which help you make better life style decisions. Data is a powerful tool if it is accurate and aggregated over a long period of time. In addition to sleep trackers, other devices such as sound machines, white noise makers, sleep supplements, sleep lights, anti snoring devices and more will give you the edge to get more quality sleep in less time. If you can get more quality sleep that means you can sleep less and be more productive throughout your day and ultimately have better well being. Below are some devices I have I use regularly to aid with my sleep.