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A Mattress Tour of New York

A Mattress Tour of New York 24

Most people visit NYC to see the Empire State Building, eat amazing food, people watch, etc. I flew out to New York City this past weekend to visit the showrooms of some of the most popular online mattress brands. Why? Because I’m the Yawnder!

Coincidentally, I didn’t have to walk far as the showrooms I visited were all withing about 5-9 blocks of each other.  Here’s a google map illustrating just how close they are. They are all located in the Lower East Side which is fun neighborhood.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2


14 East 4th Street, #404, New York City

I went over to Helix to see how they were setup. Their space is in a larger building with a doorman. Do be hesitant to ask how to get to the showroom, it’s not terribly obvious. It’s located on the 4th floor of the building. I heard that they are working on more of a true showroom in a different location that’s more inviting.

Helix Door

Once inside the Helix Showroom feels more like an office and that’s because it’s also the Helix offices! It’s kind of cool though because you most likely will be able to chat with one of the founders and learn the intricacies of how the mattress was designed.

Helix Office

They had a separate space where you could try out the mattress so it didn’t feel like people were hovering over you:

helix room

What I enjoyed most about this visit is that you can see the inner workings of the helix mattress and they can explain how each layer works and can be customized to your preference. Here’s what the inside of the Helix looks like:

Helix Mattress Inside


Below is a side view:

Helix inside 2

Next to the mattress is a computer where someone can help you fill out their  customization questionnaire.

Helix Questionnaire

Here’s the full Helix Mattress Review

Wright Bedding

188 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

Next up was Wright. This place was on street level and easy to spot.  Free Naps? Enticing!


The showroom looks like a page out of an interior design magazine. Very relaxing and upscale.

Wright Picture

They also had a little counter top area with coffee and water that sort of felt like you were in an apartment. I also liked how accessible it was from the street. You can stroll in and out easily.

wright 2

Aside from mattresses, Wright also sells duvets, sheets and pillows which are also on display.

Wright bedding boxes

Wright was a great experience and I appreciate how accessible it is. Their entire collection was designed to work together and going to the showroom allows you to try it all out at once. Here’s the full Wright Mattress Review.


69 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012

Keetsa has more of a traditional mattress store vibe since they sell multiple styles of mattresses.

Keetsa Door

Here you can see the multiple mattresses along with descriptions and prices of each one. They also had multiple sales people ready to help.


keetsa bed

keetsa bed 2

Each mattress has their price listed in various sizes on a post in front of it. As you can see, they are on the higher end of the spectrum and I wasn’t all that impressed when lying on them.

keetsa prices

Keetsa also sells pillows which they have for sale in the showroom. keetsa pillows

I haven’t done a Keetsa mattress review yet so I can’t really speak to how the mattresses feel except for my initial impressions.

Nest Bedding

196 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

My last stop was Nest Bedding showroom. They are the newest showroom in NYC. Like Keetsa and Wright, they are at street level and like Keetsa they have different models to choose from along with helpful sales staff.

Nest Showroom

nest desk

Below is the photo of the Alexander Signature Select Hybrid. The newest model in the Nest Bedding lineup. You can purchase bed frames at Nest as well. They come in all sorts of different varieties.

alexander hybrid

You can also purchase sheets and pillows from the showroom, even dog beds!

Nest accessories

This was a nice, clean and bright store that has it all.

Here’s my Alexander Signature Select Review

Here’s my Nest Bedding Love Bed Review

Here’s my Easy Breather Pillow Review

New Kids on the Block

Eight Sleep

eight sleep showroom

Eight Sleep just opened a showroom in NYC as well. You can book a time to visit via their website. They have a great mattress and a really cool mattress pad that is also a very sophisticated sleep tracker.  They are located at 146 Duane St, #5A, New York NY 10013


I love New York and love it even more now that some of my favorite mattress brands are housed so close together. If you live in or near New York City and looking for a new mattress, take a stroll through the new mattress district. You can try out some of the online only brands without having to wait.


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  1. Will you be doing a review of the Alexander Signature Select Hybrid? I’m trying to decide between that and the Alexander Signature Select.

    • I will! I received it this past week and should have a review posted next week after I have had some more time with it.

  2. Wait.
    You have a picture of bedding inside the Nest store, but it is showing the Brooklyn Bedding logo on the packaging. What is with this?

  3. I’m actually thinking about flying there just to try out all these mattresses. Does that sound like the dumbest idea ever? 😛


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